Sala Shakespeare
8.30 p.m.



COME LE ALI  (2° meditazione su Caino e Abele)

coreography and direction Roberto Zappalà


Roberto Zappalà

«The ‘Etna’ Volcano with its murmurs and dark colours has always been a source of inspiration for the Sicilian choreographer who has chosen to live and work here, in Catania, where he has tenaciously developed his artistic and human Utopia. He has adopted the pace of a long-distance runner which requires perseverance, stamina and drive to reach the finish line with that of extraordinary enduring ability».

Silvia Poletti, The good life

Foto di Sara Meliti

within the project Transiti Humanitatis

concept Nello Calabrò, Roberto Zappalà

music Johannes Brahms, Pan America, Scott Walker, Sunn 0))) & Boris

performers Adriano Coletta, Filippo Domini

lighting and set design Roberto Zappalà

costume design Veronica Cornacchini, Roberto Zappalà

costumes and set Debora Privitera

technical director Sammy Torrisi

press office Veronica Pitea

management Maria Inguscio

based on the project Liederduett (due episodi su Caino e Abele)

Liederduett is a co-production between Scenario Pubblico/Compagnia Zappalà Danza, Centro di Produzione della Danza, Bolzano Danza/Tanz Bozen in cooperation with KORZO (Den Haag, NL), MilanOltre Festival with the support of MiBACT  and Turismo​​ e ​Regione Siciliana Ass.to del Turismo, Sport e Spettacolo 

Angels are known for their wings [ali] which symbolize their fusion between being human and bird, earth and sky at the same time. Come le ali follows in the creative footsteps of Oratorio per Eva and originates from a meditation of the figures of Cain and Abel. It is the second stage of a reflection research started with Corpo a Corpo (first meditation on Cain and Abel) which was presented last year during MilanOltre. The question is: what would the world be like without the original violence against one’s own brother? The answer is articulated in a research work on the abilities of bonding, sharing and pacifically coexisting that living organisms, animals and plants, possess.

Relationships can be the wings between human beings, through a symbiosis that is a possible utopia, an attempt to coexist. Is there a stronger and more immediate way to stage this research work than bodies generating the metaphor of the unison and synchronicity if not dance? Symbiotic subjects transform themselves into a new biological organism through dancing.