Sala Shakespeare
8.30 p.m.

National Première



LOVE | Paradisi artificiali

concept and choreography Davide Valrosso

contributors Chiara Ameglio, Olimpia Fortuni e Giulia Porcu



Foto di Andrea Veroni


For his research work Davide Valrosso listens to current reality and focuses his attention on the gestures and energy driving the movement by trying to include all arts in an eclectic way. A member of the Virgilio Sieni Dance Company and a teacher at the Accademia sull’Arte del Gesto, he works with visual artists and contemporary choreographers. He has also presented his pieces in numerous festivals in Italy and abroad. He was one of the authors for the projects Cosmopolitan Beauty by CangoWe_Pop – Festival Oriente Occidente, Prove D’autore XL. In 2018 he became the coordinator of the project C.I.M.D. and received a prize as the best emerging artist in Apulia. He is currently cooperating with the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, SARAS department.  

Foto di Sara Meliti

performers Chiara Ameglio, Olimpia Fortuni, Giulia Porcu  

music producer Stefano Libertini Protopapa, Pierpaolo Moschino 

photography Giovanni Chiarot 

production C.I.M.D. danza contemporanea, Compagnia körper, TIR Danza  

supported by MiBACTSIAE under the programme Per Chi CreaADH – Anghiari Dance Hub, a.ArtistiAssociatiLis Lab/Cross Project, Centro Residenze per la Toscana Armunia 

When the search for beauty and pleasure becomes oppressive and relentless and turns into a need, then one shifts to the area of addictions. So due to an alteration of behaviour, a normal and common habit changes and becomes an exaggerated, pathological search for pleasure through means, substances and behaviour leading to a pathology.  

One can become addicted to any tiny gesture, action, behaviour provided that it brings happiness, as temporary as it can befrom the cult of drugs to social media addiction. There is also sexual addiction, which is less mentioned than in the past but still quite common as it generates inability to be in a stable relationship due to the fear of not being willing or capable to take on the commitment that a close bond requires. 

In LOVE bodies and images materialize these “artificial heavens”, originated by the search for something to replace discomfort, which gives temporary fulfilment. It is a hallucinogenic and out-of-focus world made by vices and virtues where love is the glue between the self-preservation drive (Eros) and self destruction (Thanatos). The desperate attempt to love is shadowed by a tempting world that goes increasingly faster and by invisible forces that push us towards addiction.  

Three performers/dancers start a physical dialogue where desires, dreams and fear are tightly intertwined under the form of images. In between spirituality and sensuality, they are dominated by the world of Eros as a force celebrating the glory of the body but also as a destructive and implosive element where deceptive images and sounds seem to be the remains of a muffled dream difficult to materialize.