Sala Shakespeare
8.30 p.m.

National Première



Whoman? + SIN

choreography Mario Coccetti



Synthesis, Signs, Signification and Synergy are the terms that the S Dance Company has chosen to describe its vision. It was established in 2016 and called Progetto S based on an idea by Mario Coccetti, a choreographer who investigates the concept of identity in a globalised society with his artistic activities, by combining the language of contemporary dance with those coming from performers of different backgrounds. This concept is the starting point for the trilogy including Border, SIN and Orfeo e Euridice/Melancholia – primo studio. The company has already participated in the Gender Bender Festival Bologna, Orlando Festival Bergamo, FIND Festival Cagliari, Festival Iguales Madrid and Interplay Festival.

Foto di Sara Meliti


Primo studio sull’identità del maschile e del femminile (First study on male and female identity)

choreography and direction Mario Coccetti

project S Dance Company

performers Rocco Suma, Salvatore Sciancalepore, Sofia Zanetti

production Daria De Luca / Cinqueminuti

supported by ZED Festival Internazionale Videodanza / Compagnia della Quarta

Whoman? is the obvious conclusion of the company’s research on questions such as identity and role in a globalized society. What is the relationship between the masculine/feminine and the interiority of an individual? How do all these issues change in the relationship between the individual and themes such as religion, ethics and morals? At the same time, the research work explores that suspension mechanism so that bodies free themselves from definitions and become the throbbing field of a fragile balance based on shapes, between contradictions and permeations. The performance questions the theme of sex equality by de-structuring/re-structuring it and by challenging it to gain a larger perspective on humanity.



choreography Mario Coccetti

performers Salvatore Sciancalepore and Rocco Suma

production Associazione Culturale Cinqueminuti

supported by De Micheli Festival, Teatro Due Mondi

audience award at Presente/Futuro Festival 2017

After a casual encounter in a dance hall, two complete strangers end up exploring all the possible developments of their newly established relationship. Through the rhythm of tango, they discover the dynamics of dominating and submitting, desiring and self-abandoning. Their bodies free themselves from their sex origins within the template of a choreography where the only disgrace is the impossibility to grasp a potential future to let it dissolve as time passes by. SIN stages the dream of freedom and happiness of human beings in a withdrawn society, it explores the border between distance and vicinity, fear and desire to know each other and to recognize each other in a single body.